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Medical Freedom

Organ Harvesting


Dr. Byrne with some shocking revelations about organ harvesting in "health-care".

It's important to understand the truth about ‘brain death’ and organ donation before you make any decisions regarding donation.

Revoking your organ donation status from your drivers license is not enough, you must also complete a document of refusal.

Include a separate paragraph in your medical directive (living will) stating in all caps that you ARE NOT AN ORGAN DONOR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE and violation will be met with a liability lawsuit.  Prepare a separate Universal Power of Attorney and include the same ORGAN paragraph and include it in your Last Will & Testament. Make sure the person you appoint as your voice should you become unable to communicate understands and respects your directive.

So what do I do?

According to the language of the law, Revised Anatomical Gift Act (2006) (click here), you must “opt-out,” documenting your “refusal” in writing using “explicit language,” otherwise, it is “presumed” that you intend to be an organ donor and you have consented to every test and treatment to keep organs healthy to be utilized for the purpose of “organ transplantation, education and research.”

Thus, you must document your decision of “refusal” for organ donation by:

1)    Carrying with you a signed and witnessed Medical Card with Directions to Protect and Preserve Life,

2)    You must sign, have 2 witnesses and have Notarized Directions to Protect and Preserve Life in the event that you cannot speak for yourself; and

3)    Make known to your family, loved ones and friends that you wish to have your life protected and preserved and you do not wish to be an organ donor.

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