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We are a grassroots movement working to reclaim freedom, uphold natural law and restore the voice and power of the people as guaranteed by the Resolution of One Accord

Why join in the Massachusetts de jure Assembly?

Let's join together in Unity!

Our goal is to unite people no matter their, color, gender, belief, etc... We are uniting under the common goal of bringing love, decency, human rights, kindness, courage, and earned respect back, front, and center, as the glue that bonds all Earth beings together. We acknowledge and respect our difference as we come together to stand up to tyranny, saying  "NO"  and offering constructive solutions that will rebuild communities, our state, and our nation.  With grounded conviction, we take proper action that extends from our deep love and concern for all of humanity and our beloved planet Earth. 

What is earned respect?

It is easy to get attached to individuals, groups, institutions because we believe their message. Some humans are very charismatic. Some are very forceful. However, far too often their track records reveal something completely opposite to what they preach. WE MUST learn discernment and discernment must be based on values, not superficial aspects. Earned respect should be based on observing the values demonstrated through another's actions.

Whether you found us through Life Force, word of mouth, or passionately searching for a solution to our critical problems, we are not tied nor attached to any authority any longer. We are truly a grassroots Assembly for the People . 


Why is non-attachment so important?

Being too emotionally attached to any authoritative leadership can lead to disempowerment.

When we grasp to find a "Savior" to fix our problems, we give up our sovereignty. This is how we have gotten into this mess, to begin with.  There are plenty of sociopathic tyrants out there who are experts at the art of deception.  These chameleons have studied human behavior and know how to deceive. Having said that, there are also, good-intentioned humans who are natural-born leaders. We must learn how to discern the difference and interact with others in a manner that protects us from harm. 

How do we do that?

Our Assembly is not attached to any large authority. Non-attachment allows a person to be emotionally neutral. From this place of neutrality, one can observe in order to make sure that a leader's actions are aligned with their speech.  In other words, asking the important question: "Who is walking their talk out there and who is doing it consistently over time?" It is imperative that we learn this skill now and so, WE MUST HOLD EVERYONE ACCOUNTABLE. This also includes ourselves as individuals. If we truly want a governance that respects its citizenry, we, as participants in government, must model that respect. 


How will we succeed in our endeavors?

We are modeling ourselves after other growing state de jure assemblies throughout the nation. These groups are growing and accomplishing amazing things. As grassroots movements, we are finding our common bond in the desire for true freedom.  It is a freedom based on wanting what is best for all beings on the planet.  It is also sovereignty born from knowing that this freedom cannot be taken for granted. It must continuously be protected, guarded, and expanded through wise action, effort, speech, and thought.  Join us as we endeavor to be the guardians of our freedom - Our Sovereignty. 

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