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Who we are

We are a group of men and women coming together to build a system that values and supports all life on planet earth. We realize the incredible capacity of man and woman when the fundamental needs of what it means to live on earth are given unconditionally so that each and every being on earth realizes their best self.

We are a grassroots movement working to reclaim freedom, uphold natural law and restore the voice and power of the people

Our Vision

Our Vision is to work with our communities to innovate, inspire and implement new ways of achieving prosperity, wellness, and a better way of life for all organic beings in Massachusetts.

This is the fundamental realization of the principle of give as you would receive. Living this principle in thought, word and deed is how love is made real. This allows one to live in consideration of all things, taking the good and doing no harm.

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore earth and the real nature of humanity. All beings on earth have fundamental rights: the right to clean water, opportunity, stable shelter and proper nutrition. Real human nature follows natural law.


We the people of Massachusetts are committed to organizing systems that enable self governance that lives in practice what is best for all life on earth through local development and empowerment of the real nature of humanity.

What We Do

We organize systems, as everything is a system, to function in ways that use what are freely given resources by earth to support life. Our goal is to restore every community in Massachusetts to empower the men and women of every community to have a voice in the care of their land, water and air, to restore dignity and natural self expression inherent in what it means to be a human being on earth.

We welcome new members

Men and women who care about their communities, including all sentient beings on and in the land, the water and the air that is our environment.  Interested in ensuring we have pure and clean water? Interested in fertile soils that support a rich and diverse plant life? Interested in having clean air to breathe and nutrient dense food to eat? Interested in discovering your best self and creating a world where children realize the potential they show at a young age? It is time to build a system that respects all life. It is time to realize our human capacity.

Join us
Our commitment
Young Businesswoman

Resolution of One Accord

Humanity is free and independent from the time of their birth. All rights associated
with this freedom are the peoples’ to define.

White Branch

Declaration of Independence

We the People are inspired with self-awareness from birth, imbued with the gift of free
will, and created from and by the ultimate source.

Red Head Baby

Children's Bill of Rights

All life is sacred and humanity is responsible for the well being of all life on the planet, including the life of all children.

We have always been a Government that draws its powers from the Governed. For our freedom to endure it necessitates each of us to contribute as we are called to do so.

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